100 small businesses one can start in Kenya


Kenya is a great country with numerous business opportunities. You do not have to stay idle waiting for that white collar job from a big company. It is better to take advantage of business opportunities at your reach and start making your tomorrow a reality.

Deciding on which business to venture is challenging and that is why in this article you will get some of the best business ideas to help you make a more informed decision.

The following are some 100 small businesses to start in Kenya

1. Automotive spare parts retailing
2. eBay importing
3. Stock photography business
4. Personal chef
5. Agriculture
6. Food Processing
7. Real Estate and construction
8. Tourism and Hospitality
9. Internet and Computer Services
10. Transport
11. Energy Services like gas selling
12. Film production
13. Creating and Selling apps
14. Home Design and painting
15. Company cleaning services
16. Copy-writing
17. Coaching and consulting
18. Niche auction site
19. Retail or Wholesale shop
20. Cold weather accessories and apparels
21. Lawn care business
22. Sell road side snacks
23. Mosquito nets
24. Tea cafe
25. Fish selling
26. Tarpaulin Hire Business
27. Pest Control
28. Yam planting and Sales
29. Business Pest Control
30. Yam planting and Sales
31. Car Wash Business
32. Pot-holes repair
33. Own a Warehouse
34. Produce Shower Caps for Women
35. Set up an NGO for Disaster and Relief Services
36. Mosquito Repellant Lotions production
37. Production of Agro Products for Local and Foreign Consumption
38. Computer Typing service
39. Tuition teacher at home
40. Selling water
41. Beauty therapy services
42. Home baking
43. Transport industry.
44. Editing
45. Sell eBooks
46. Commercial laundry business
47. Web design
48. Dog grooming
49. Children day care services
50. Schools/ colleges and universities
51. Pharmacies
52. Butchery
53. Selling Maize meal
54. Shoe retail business
55. Clothing shop business
56. Jewelry shop
57. Shoe repair services
58. Arts and crafts
59. Shoe shinning services
60. Job bureaus
61. Starting a Writing Agency and Target Kenyans
62. Supermarket
64. Tailoring
65. Investing in E-commerce
66. Starting a Salon
67. Barber Shop
68. Network Marketing
69. Insurance business
70. Photocopy and lamination business- 71. Digital passport studio
72. Seasonal flower business
73. Cosmetic &ornaments
74. Phone business
75. Car Wash
76. Interior design cum consultant
77. Agribusiness-Horticulture
78. Furniture business
79. Tattoo artistic
80. Food delivery business
81. Pop corn production and sales
82. Newspaper vending
83. Green maize distribution
84. Private security services
85. Fence trimming
86. Running errands
87. Stuffed toys
88. Cooked eggs hawking
89. Online consultant
90. Phone and computer selling
91. Virtual assistant
92. Freelancing
93. Music teacher
94. Mow lawn gardener
95. Resume writing
96. Gift baskets business
97. Cereals shop
98. Groceries
99. Money transfer services
100. T-shirt printing services

There are so many businesses to start in Kenya. Don’t waste time waiting for that office job that may never come. Start your own business no matter how small your capital is. Believe in your capability, love what you are doing and you will achieve more and be a successful business person in future!

Lots of Kenyans struggle everyday to get to work, school…