5 Things you should learn to freelance and earn money

By Sushmita Biswas


Freelancing is essentially the kind of job where a person works for themselves, rather than for a specific company. While many freelancers do take on work contracts for individuals, organizations and companies, they are in the end self-employed.

The global freelancing population is rapidly growing by the day. With the power to choose your own work location, time and work hours, and the type of job you want to do, it is easy to see why this is such a trending industry.

The following are 5 things you should learn and earn a lot of money through freelancing

1. Content writing for different companies, types and categories

2. Designing for a particular field or combination, but make sure you know them properly for example Ui-Ux, logo and social media posts among others.

3. Video editing, motion graphics and animation for YouTube,  marketing campaign and branding purposes.

4. Digital marketing for example social media management, ads and campaigns, profile and client engagement and much more.

5. Blogging for example lifestyle, sports, and fashion among others

I have seen so many students, even people who are out of job not being able to get internships or jobs and are mostly importantly not even utilising the time to learn something new.

You need to understand it doesn’t matter what field you’re from. Just because you have a degree in one particular field, then you should stop learning something new or stop yourself from using that new skill to make a business out if it or freelance to earn money or just do internship so that you can get some money and learn the thing better over time as well.

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It is important to grow your skill set not just in your field/ domain/ industry but also in different ones, so that you know how much you can push yourself, how much you can grow and in how many ways you can utilise your different skills set.

Every company in some ways need the above things. So if you can take some time from your daily schedule and invest it into learning something new, then it will definitely help you grow in few months.

This will also add to your cv, you will be able to connect with people from different industries and talk with them and understand their fields and learn more eventually.

This basically opens up more and more business ideas, or processes through which many can profit out of it over time.

So, start learning these above mentioned things at least, so that you can start earning, even a little. There are obviously many more skills you can go for and domain wise it definitely with vary.
But these are something as I mentioned before, most companies need one or the other way, so there is plenty of opportunities out there, hence be ready to grab that opportunity whenever you have a chance!

Sushmita Biswas is a graphic designer, brand consultant, content and marketing strategist for both domestic and international companies and individual clients.

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