The first ever A1C testing machine for diabetes arrives in Nyandarua county

By Elkanah Nyauma


The Root Cause (TRC) has provided Kenya’s Nyandarua County with its first ever A1C testing machine for diabetes.

The organization’s President and CEO, Parker Dail expressed his gratitude to the TRC, Kenya team for the opportunity to strengthen The Root Cause’s impact in the country.

He also thanked Dr. Martha Mwathi, Director of Health Services Nyandarua County, and TRC Kenya executive team members Charles Wachira and Wanjiru Kanuri for making this happen!

Founded in 2015, The Root Cause is a community health organization whose  mission is to improve lives through their holistic approach under the slogan, “What Matters Most to People” that focusses on medical and social well being of the people.

The organization whose goal is to improve people’s health also addresses the key issues related to social impact, spirituality, self-efficacy, mental health, and disease intensity.

The Root Cause targets its efforts in high risk compromised areas of the world. This time, it was our own Nyandarua county, Kenya.

The organization also partners with local health providers and systems and works with other faith-based organizations and churches among other communities to offer innovative and meaningful localized solutions that work.

It is estimated that 500 million people globally and 150 million in the US are affected by chronic disease. The prevalence is rising rapidly in middle and lower income populations, where most cases remain undiagnosed or receive delayed diagnosis. (Source: The Root Cause)

Opinion: What the government can do to deal with chronic diseases in Kenya

The government of Kenya should put more efforts in working toward improving the lives of people struggling with physical and social issues.

The government should also focus its energy in high risk communities which are the most vulnerable to chronic disease and where access to better medical resources and care are scarce.

The government should identify organizations like The Root Cause that are already offering help, strengthen relationships and lay down strategies to help people with chronic diseases.

The Kenyan government should hire, train and deploy local caregivers who will serve the people living with chronic diseases.

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