Action to end gender-based violence after the Corona-virus pandemic

By Elkanah Nyauma


The Corona-virus tragedy has kept girls and women out of school and workplace.

They face increasing poverty and violence.

They do a lot of unpaid work.

They are targeted for violence simply because of their gender.

In all countries, women have limited representation in the halls of authority and business councils.

But it should be noted that women bear the brunt of global demands such as climate change and even environmental degradation.

And especially as the election approaches, we must remember that a woman is the mirror of society.

It is time to turn the clock forward for every woman and girl.

Through ensuring the best education for every girl, so that they can build the life they want and help make the world a better place for all of us, it is time to remember the woman.

Through significant investment in women’s training and decent work.

Through effective measures to end sexual violence.

Through bold action to protect our planet.

And through targeted measures such as gender standards so that we can all benefit from women’s ideas, experience and leadership everywhere decisions are made.

Gender inequality is primarily a matter of authority, in a world dominated by men. Authority relations must be changed.

We need more women environmental ministers, business leaders and presidents and prime ministers. They can push countries to address climate change, promote green jobs and build a just and sustainable world.

We cannot emerge from this epidemic with the clock revolving backwards on gender equality.

We need to focus on women’s rights.

The time is now.

Creuza Oliveira is a living story of more than many…