Adrian Parker: 2 things that matter most with me

By Adrian Parker


Leaving a job you love can be heavy. I’m fortunate to take the 2 things that matter most with me: People + Lessons

A few reflections on my last day after 7+ years with Patrón:

1) The race is not to the swift. Ten years ago I was writing tweets for Radioshack.
2) Pick the right fights before you know how to win them
3) Uncertainty is the canvas for change
4) All career decisions are family decisions
5) The top 1% simply do what the 99% won’t
6) Greatness isn’t something to grab – it’s something I give away
7) Leadership is less about leaving a mark & more about creating places where everyone can
8) Courage comes after I face fear, not before

The writer is the Global Vice President of Marketing for Patrón Tequila

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