Are you still chasing the money? A worthy life lesson


When I started working as a web designer back in 2013, I worked for money. I did not understand what business development is all about and so I worked for what I could get and not the impact I had on the people I worked with and for. You know what that means, I guess yes – you have a lot of workloads, and you are constantly chasing more work, more money. What a horrible way to do business? But I had many jobs and did a good job anyway.

I remember one of my clients whom I designed a website but who I did not walk with to help in the maintenance and marketing of the online presence. I kept silent for a whole year; never getting in touch with her, only to email to notify her about the renewal of the domain and web hosting plan for her business website. I remember how she did not bother getting back to me because I had disappointed her. I really did, yes I did. I worked for the money, remember!!! Here is how the story begins and obviously how it ends.


Recently I sent an email to my web design clients, those whose websites I manage, asking them if they had something they are doing regarding Covid-19 and if we can add that on their websites for free as an additional web page. I included this same client I disappointed some years ago in that email, with the hope that she would remember me and maybe if we can reestablish our business relationship and make things right. To my surprise, she emailed me back and I quote,

“You locked my website without notice and you are here telling me this? I couldn’t even secure the name. Are you even serious? You are such a disappointment. I want nothing to do with you. I got a web designer who knows what he is doing so keep your goodies to yourself. Don’t contact me!”

I wrote back to her and explained that it was the hosting company that closed the website and not me and sincerely apologized to her, but she did not want my part of the story. I even asked her to allow me to refund the $180 web design and hosting fee she paid but she said NO. It was really a hard experience for me.

The opinion

What I am saying is that I deserved that. There is no success in working for money. I agree with Brigette Hyacinth in her recent post that “Leadership is about people – full stop. If you don’t have a passion for people, you have no business leading them.” I had an opportunity to help my client to be better, to walk with her, and to see her succeed in her business. I had my chance to see her prosper but I did not. All I did was work and keep working, look for money and look for more.

The success of my clients is my success and I can say for the record that I am learning every day to live to that; build healthy relationships with my clients, work to satisfy them, fail, rise up again, and go back to do the right thing and I always succeed in the process. What a lesson of a lifetime.

So what is your story? Is it like mine? Are you working to help your clients make more money or are you taking it away? Choose the latter. The law of attraction cuts back and forth. You do a good thing, you attract excellence and smile all the way to the bank and vice versa.


Business is all about relationships, how well you build them determines how well they build your business. – Brad Sugars

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