Sean Williams: I want my work to restore honor to black fatherhood

By Sean Williams


Sean founded the Dad Gang five years ago to showcase active black fathers through positive messages, images and affirmations and debunk the myth that most black dads are absent or inactive. “My dream is that it not only shatters the negative stereotype of Black fathers but empowers all dads to be active dads and live their best dad life,” says Sean.⁣⁣

Being an active dad has enhanced my life in so many ways, mostly by allowing me to relive a lot of those fun playful moments that we as adults tend to forget. It’s like I’m living my second childhood with and through my kids.⁣⁣
To protect black children, we need to educate them on the realities of the world we’re living in and make them aware of the dangers they can potentially face when they step outside. I do this while also empowering them to love themselves and their differences and above all treating others the way they would want to be treated.⁣⁣

I want my work to change the narrative and restore honor to Black fatherhood.

— Sean Williams⁣⁣, entrepreneur and father of three 

This Father’s Day, I want to tell my fellow black fathers to stand tall and be proud of how amazing they are. To be able to take care of our families and communities, put smiles on the faces of those that depend on us, to go out into the world and excel in our careers and build legacies and a foundation for future generations to thrive off of — all while still being marginalized, profiled, stereotyped, treated unjustly — is an incredible feat that should not go uncelebrated. We are strong and resilient men of honor. We are dad goals.

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