Brenda Awuor, the Scientist


Brenda is a Jane Adeny Memorial School graduate and a University of Nairobi student pursuing a course in biochemistry. She is a hard working lady with an eye on leadership and social change and development.

Brenda’s passion is in community development and boy child empowerment. Due to the fact that she has lived in Africa’s largest urban slum, Kibera almost all her life, and having experienced the extreme poverty in the ghetto, she wants to start a centre for sexually abused boys.

Brenda says there is a need for a place where abused boys will experience the safety and love that has been taken away from them. She says many boys are abused daily in Kenya but this situation has not been taken seriously.

Many organizations support only the girl child while neglecting serious matters that relate to the boys”, she says. “The boys centre will help provide the place of boy child support and training. I also want to empower those boys and connect them with sponsorship opportunities so they can get quality education. – Brenda Awuor

Brenda is passionate about life and is looking for like-minded people to work with; individuals, groups and organizations that can help her accomplish her dream. She believes in the boy child and she wants to help them get the safety and good life they deserve.

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