Celestine Inyangala, the Nutritionist


Celestine’s dream is to pursue nutrition and dietetics. Her desire is to help people change their eating lifestyles and live healthy.  She wants to advise them on weight loss, digestion, nutritional or hormonal balance, food allergies among other issues.

Celestine wants to design eating programs for people to follow. She aims to reach out to low income and slum communities and educate people on disease prevention and good eating habits.

She wants to work in hospitals, private homes, in skilled nursing facilities, children centres among others.

To achieve this, she must earn a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics.

Celestine is sincere, disciplined. She can work well in a professional work environment as she continues to learn other professional skills needed for these environments.

She is also hardworking and focused, humble and willing to learn.

Celetine is looking for people who will help her achieve her dream. She also wants to partner with other people in the same field for example dieticians and physicians and work collaboratively with them to meet her goals and dreams.

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