Plan International transforming children’s lives with Chelsea Football Club

By Elkanah Nyauma


Since 2015, Chelsea Football Club and Plan International UK have been working hand in hand to help change children’s lives through football.

This global charity partnership has led to the advancement of the rights of children and equality for the girl child around the globe.

The partnership, which was initially set to last for just 3 years, has seen Chelsea helping Plan International’s work in America, Asia and Africa, mobilizing funds and creating awareness to support the children.

The partnership has been successful especially in the teaching of both boys and girls about respect and tolerance, and equality, supporting girls’ education. The collaboration is also helping them not to rush to marriage and walking with them to fulfil their potential. It has also assisted needy children in times of crisis and disaster.

Some of the girls being supported include Nisha, 11-year-old Indian Girl who is to be sponsored by Chelsea Women FC, and Bella, girl from Indonesia among others.

11-year-old Nisha, Picture | Football Express

Chelsea and Plan International are now supporting children and young people living in the Azraq refugee camp, home to more than 35,000 Syrian refugees on the Jordan Syria border – 21,000 of whom are children.

For more than 80 years now,  Plan has been consistent in fighting for every child’s right to fulfil their dreams. The organization’s daily agenda is devoting energy to make a difference in the lives of children living in poverty.

Champions of Change

Chelsea’s partnership with Plan has seen the club help the charitable organization in reaching new supporters while engaging with marginalised, hard-to-reach, teenagers.

Together, Chelsea, a high-profile football club, and Plan developed a football programme, ‘Champions of Change’, to work with youngsters in Colombia with a goal of establishing more sport-based programmes around the globe.

The partnership is also expected to experience more success after Chelsea’s win against Manchester City to clinch the UEFA Champions League at the Dragao stadium in Porto on 29th May, 2021.

When organizations work together, they can deliver sustainable change for children especially those living in the poverty stricken communities.
~ Elkanah Nyauma

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