Christine Adhiambo: Running her business despite parental abuse and disability

By Elkanah Nyauma


Christine’s life is full of disappointments, many of which originate from her father’s side. She experienced child abuse and the story is just heartbreaking.

Christine was removed from school so that her other siblings can continue with their education. This made her feel like she is not important to her parents and the world around her. At her rural home, her grandmother said she was not her son’s daughter only because her eyes cannot see well.

This child abuse experience left a big wound in her heart because she felt neglected. Again, her dad used to beat her when she was young, a thing that also made her feel intimidated. Her father also told her that he would kill her one day.

Christine lives by herself in the Nairobi’s Kibera slum and survives by selling grains such as beans and rice. She runs a small business that keeps her busy every day but she is calling for well wishers who can help expand her business because she thinks she can do well if given a chance.

She is one of the leaders of Hands of Mercy, a group of special needs people creating awareness about disability issues in Kibera slum. She is also an active participant in community advocacy programs in the slum.

Christine is also looking for individuals and organizations that can help her learn through braille because her eyes cannot see well.

To reach out to Christine, kindly call +254 799 051 999. She will be happy to talk to you.

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