Emma Ochieng: Going against all odds to conserve the environment

By Elkanah Nyauma


Emma Ochieng is a model and conservationist and the founder of “Towards a Better Earth Initiative (TBEi). Her goal is to promote environmental conservation and protection through tree planting initiatives, education, educative open forums and cleanup exercises. 

Emma’s initiative’s top agenda is advocating for clean energy solutions as a climate change measure, wildlife conservation and adoption of climate-smart agriculture.

TBei achieves its goals by working with individuals who are well conversant in the field of conservation and sustainability to create awareness. The initiative also works with schools and universities to promote environmental awareness and to help the country in attaining the 10% forest cover through tree planting.

Emma uses the power of debates and written words to voice her efforts for a better earth. She does this by holding regular environmental conservation related forums, blogging about environmental issues and questions and answers sessions focusing on her core agendas.

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“The current state of our planet, particularly the detrimental effects of climate change, were the force behind my decision to pursue environmental conservation”, she says.

She also adds that her organization aims at fostering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are quality education (4), sustainable cities and communities (11), climate action (13), life below water (14), and partnerships to achieve the goals (17).

Emma has also volunteered in environment conservation organizations and tree planting exercises in the past, the Aberdare forest being one of them. With her slogan “inspired to conserve”, she has expanded her wings in the environment conservation arena. An influential woman changing the world in her community and going above and beyond education and employment, she is an icon of hope for the youth. 

Emma is also passionate about sustainable businesses.

A sustainable business is one that incorporates not just the economic aspect but also the environmental and social aspects.

Emma can be reached on social media via the following links

LinkedIn: Emma Ochieng 
Twitter: Emma Ochieng5 
Towards a better initiative on Twitter: TBEi5
Towards a better initiative on Instagram: _tbei

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