Clare Kanja: I graduated with First-Class Honours in Computer Science

By Clare Kanja, WiT@ALU Lead | CS@ALU | Do Well Do Good Ambassador


I graduated with First-Class Honours in Computer Science. 🎓✨

My path to this point has been far from linear. Before joining The African Leadership University, I was at a crossroads, deciding which career path to take. Leaving the familiarity of home required taking a leap of faith, which, in retrospect, was a perfect opportunity to DoHardThings 😄. I am so proud of my younger self for having the boldness to walk down my authentic path. The experience surpassed all my expectations. ✨

This journey to First-Class Honours has been fulfilling, filled with learning and immense growth, fueled by hands-on projects and Kaizen: Continuous Improvement. I had the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience at Bloomberg, JPMorganChase, The Room, and BESTSELLER, where I applied and honed my Tech skills in solving real-world problems. A highlight was my final Capstone Project, which focused on enhancing water security in Africa through IoT and Machine Learning, for real-time water quality and supply rate monitoring.

Being recognized as one of the top 5 Ms. Geek Africa finalists and participating in the ALU Global Leadership Program in Silicon Valley were transformative experiences for me. These opportunities enabled me to refine my mission and expand my horizons, exposing me to a network of inspiring professionals and innovative ideas. These experiences have deepened my commitment to harnessing technology to drive sustainable impact.

I am deeply grateful to the Mastercard Foundation, my supportive community of facilitators and mentors, for their knowledge, guidance, and wisdom that have been instrumental in my success, and to my lovely family, and friends, who walked this journey with me and offered unwavering support and encouragement. The moments we shared made the experience meaningful and memorable. ✨

Time to Continue Doing Hard Things.🚀

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