Restructuring our education systems and mindsets for sustainability

By Elkanah Nyauma


Human passion, it can be said, is the source of human life and development. It’s obvious that people are more likely to learn if they are empowered to follow their passions or motivated and involved with the existing programs or even in real life matters. And we all know that this is true.

The opposite is also true, that passion, when perverted, misunderstood and developed in improper ways, competition or through material greed alone is the source of much suffering and conflict that human beings inflict on one another.

In schools, passionate participation in learning can enable students to become the best version of themselves and change the world. Whether you are talking about passion, inspiring or fostering passion, or thinking passionately about your own interests, you can be a revolutionary leader if you pursue what your heart longs for, in whichever field.

You only need to do only what you love, that which brings you joy and satisfaction. That is the only way to nullify boredom, procrastination, laziness and unproductivity. This way you will express your enthusiasm in what you love and become more productive. This will drive sustainable development because we will learn what we love and duplicate the same in the world.

Your degree is not the most important thing. While there are some places where the right qualifications are important, “even a master’s degree without any relevant work experience, without convincing storytelling, without evidence of enthusiasm and dedication to the job, will not get you anywhere.” ~ Anne Clinton, head of careers education at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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