Newton Siele: Good things take time to build

By Newton Siele


Most people tend to start projects but struggle to continue when the going gets tough. We tend to marvel at the end result of great works but forget to ask about the journey.

It’s pretty much the same with our lives, the sum total of who we are is defined by the journey, the struggles, perseverance, the wins and failures you have gone through.

One universal truth is that good things take time to build.

So whether it’s character, business empire, your hustle or even parenting in the long run it does not happen overnight but rather through time.

To achieve good things, stay the course, continue to build and even when you fail, you must push yourself to restart and take off from the ground again. In the end, you will look back at the journey, the lessons learnt and where you are and be proud.

The greatest of the great were not born overnight. They did not step into success the second they decided they wanted to be successful. Nor did they come into this world already knowing all of the “secrets” to propel them beyond the rest. Erica Ligenza Gwynn

Newton Siele is the Chief Executive Officer at Phillips Pharmaceuticals Kenya Ltd – Pharma Division

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