How churches make money in Kenya

Elkanah Nyauma


In as much as churches are obliged to worship of God with no solid interest in making money, they do need to have a source of income in order to fund their activities. Money is needed to run the churches such as in keeping it clean, paying for staff, providing security and making the environment attractive.

How can churches generate money without losing their main goal of saving souls? Well, they can do so by operating businesses in a honest way without compromising in the worship of God and to avoid overburdening of her members as well.

There are various ways through which the churches can make money, some of which include:

1. Offering Educational and Day Care Services

Most churches nowadays engage in offering Educational and day care services. They build schools which help to develop the human mind and also act as an asset that would help them keep making money in the future.

Some churches provide day cares and schools to enable them get money. Funds are collected from the schools while day care support also generates additional revenue.

2. Sale of Portraits

Pictures can be provided at discounted rates to customers and the revenue realized as a percentage of the sales. This enables the church o get extra cash for its operations.

3. Bookstore

This is perfect way to make extra needed cash for the church. you simply need to open p a church bookstore having inspirational books, music CD and DVDs that the members can buy after the services.

4. Dinner Tickets

Churches having drama teams can venture into hosting certain functions like theater productions, during which tickets can be sold to the people for the inspirational performances. Extra cash can also be generated from meals that are served during the occasion.

5. Regular Fundraiser Events.

In situations where funds are not easy to obtain, the leaders can plan for periodical fundraiser activities during which the required finances can be got. This helps to avert potential setback of operations. Events like Harvests, Bazaars and launching are examples of Fund raising events.

6. Donations: Churches also make money from donations from members. When members are not so forthcoming in donating, the church can simply encourage them to do so by raising awareness on the importance of giving.

7. Offering: Churches also receive offerings from their members during church services and these are mainly in the form of cash but not limited to cash. Such offerings are offered to God and used in the running of the Church’s work.

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