How Kenyan businesses can leverage on social media marketing during the Covid-19 lockdown

By Elkanah Nyauma


Guaranteed strategies to win in the social media world

We live in an ever-changing world that demands new strategies every day. For this reason, what worked before is certainly not going to work tomorrow. Therefore, individuals and businesses have to adapt to these new changes to remain valid.

The following is what to do to stay relevant on the social platforms

1) Focus on social media relationship-building by creating value-adding content (how-to videos and text content).

2) Try adjusting your posting. Change the time of day and see how people engage with your posts. This will give you a clear picture of when and how people are on social media platforms and what they are looking for.

3) Find the posts that have more engagements and create similar content. You can also choose to repost with the same or new titles.

4) Get your online community involved in your marketing efforts by asking questions, posting polls, and using the social media tools provided to create your own content.

5) Lastly, keep engaging your community but more importantly, listen to what they are saying on social platforms. Make this your main focus, to listen to your social community. It’s one of the best marketing strategies.

Keep engaging your community and through this, build trust with them.

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