Texas storm: How leaders can build stronger and better communities

By Elkanah Nyauma


The last week has seen Texans face the hell of a power outage and lack of water due to the freezing of natural gas pipelines at the wellheads, reducing the amount of fuel needed to supply power plants. The wind turbines built for the heat of the West of Texas froze undercoats of ice, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

Gov. Greg Abbott when speaking about the situation at a press conference regarding the winter storm on Saturday said he didn’t know when ailing Texans were going to see their water and power restored. He said he hadn’t been told which parts of Texas were to expect power to return with nearly 12 million Texans living under boil-water notices.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz encountered criticism on Thursday for choosing a vacation with his family in Mexico over the suffering home people he is governing. As condemnation became widespread, he returned to Texas and accepted that “it was obviously a mistake.”

The Facts

The storm covered the region with snow and ice.

The storm rendered the state’s electric grid operator powerless hence unable to supply power causing a power outage.

People had difficulty moving around due to impassable roads. Top Texas lawmakers called for investigations into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Texans demanded responsibility for their problems

Officials are asking the Texans to boil tap water because it is not as safe for drinking as it is.


The opinion

The people’s affairs must always come first and fast in all areas of life. Leaders should be concerned about the affairs of the people they govern; how they are living, whether their basic needs are being met for example good roads, electricity, water, their security, and that of their properties.

Leaders should also start communicating with the people about what is going on for example:

  •  Plans they have concerning their communities.
  •  Progress of the community projects they are working on.
  •  The use of resources and the figures.
  •  Challenges they are facing.
  •  Their achievements.

Leaders should also start involving people in policy-making by asking them questions like:

  •  What should we do better?
  •  What are your ideas?
  •  How can we be better leaders?
  •  What do you think can help change our communities?

Bad leaders should also be removed and replaced by other good ones

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