Winning on the web by writing SEO-friendly content

By Elkanah Nyauma


“Content is king so they say”. When you write content optimized for search engines and users, then you are guaranteed results.

Content improves search engine rankings by determining the keywords that the website will rank for and how fast. Research has it that content marketing is so popular because it generates 6x more conversions for businesses that use it.

3 ways to write quality content and reach the intended audience

1) Researching your target audience and the relevant topics and keywords related to you. This will help you know the behaviour of website visitors and what they are looking for.

2) Using keywords on your content, content header, and meta tags. Ensure the keyword you are using for a particular web page is incorporated on your content headers, at the beginning of your SEO title, and on the meta description. The keyword should also be added to the web page’s permalink for better SEO performance.

3) Publishing your content on a fast website. If your website is slow, the ranking will be slow too. Google loves fast websites so your site should load fast because that is a key ranking factor too.

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