Human trafficking, the modern-day slavery

By Elkanah Nyauma


Human trafficking is a global issue that undermines the human rights of the victims. It is a threat to peace and democracy in the world. It involves sexual exploitation, child labour, pornography, debt slavery, forced labor, low-wage, prison labour, removal of vital human organs, and separation. In human trafficking, both children and adults are involved.

While human trafficking also impacts men, an overwhelming majority of individuals in human trafficking situations are women. Poverty, illiteracy, lack of education, gender discrimination, and lack of job opportunities continue to leave women around the world vulnerable to violence and exploitation.

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We need to stand up and speak against this slavery and begin rescue operations, aftercare, prevention, and more to stop this evil. We can also raise funds for supporting organisations that work to protect people against human trafficking. Let’s all come together and be a part of this effort to rid the world of slavery.

This clip is about the history of the Kibera slum…