ICT4Edu: USAID Principles for Educational Technology Investments

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ICT4Edu: USAID Principles for Educational Technology Investments

Investment decisions regarding ICT4Edu in education are particularly challenging in low-resource settings due to their role as one component in a complex educational system. USAID, a major investor in ICT projects, adheres to principles that guide their implementation:

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  1. Align with Development Goals: ICT4Edu should support educational and developmental objectives by improving system capacity, student learning, and school management.
  2. Enhance Student Skills: ICT should foster broad knowledge and skills essential for future success, including literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional learning.
  3. Support Data-Driven Decision Making: Reliable data should inform educational policies, financial decisions, and interventions.
  4. Consider Full Costs: Budget planning should encompass all expenses—from ICT equipment installation to maintenance and teacher training—to ensure sustainability.
  5. Explore Technology Options: Embrace innovative solutions like low-cost devices and mobile technology to meet ICT goals effectively.
  6. Prioritize Teacher Development: Focus on ongoing professional development to enhance teaching practices and student outcomes.
  7. Engage Stakeholders: Involve diverse stakeholders, including NGOs, government agencies, and private sectors, to leverage expertise and resources in ICT4Edu.
  8. Establish Supportive Policies: Develop policies and central agencies to guide ICT integration in education and ensure long-term funding.
  9. Integrate Monitoring and Evaluation: Include rigorous evaluation from ICT4Edu project inception to measure impact and inform adjustments.
  10. Strengthen Educational Systems: Address foundational issues such as management, resources, and leadership to support effective ICT4Edu delivery.

These principles underscore USAID’s approach to leveraging ICT4Edu to expand educational access, enhance quality, and empower learners in varied educational settings worldwide.

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