Celebrating Success Series #6: Kenneth Carter III, from prison to company President

By Elkanah Nyauma


Kenneth Carter III is the President of Ameriton Freight & Logistics. 4 years ago today he was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison and decided to improve his life by removing toxic people and substances. Today, he is to announce my 4 years of sobriety today.

Karter is also a professional CDL Class A Driver since 2001, gaining his driving education in the military. I am currently the President of Ameriton Freight and Logistics, LLC. A freight brokerage firm. His company’s mission is to provide and supply as much information as possible to empower clients’ businesses. Karter’s purpose is to fill lives with optimism and work to engender positive self-worth.

Karter also worked as a full-time professional driver (motor transport operator) in the US Army in the years of Aug 2001 – Sep 2004. His primary responsibility was supervising and operating wheel vehicles to transport personnel and cargo. He was the backbone of the army’s support and sustainment structure, providing advanced mobility on and off the battlefield.

What his business does

• Supplying Hospitality Logistics for renovations
• Providing logistic services for hotels and resorts
• Saving companies freight spend by identifying better ways to transport their products
• Identifying bottlenecks in companies supply chain
• Minimizing transportation expenses by 5%

What Karter says

I sit here today as a proud business owner of Ameriton Freight & Logistics. AmeritonFreight.com

I sit here today with a clear mind and a clear body.

I sit here today because I chose to sit the bottle down and go for what truly makes me happy; my kids, family, and business success.

I share my story to inspire others to go for what they believe in and to NEVER let a setback be a reason to SIT DOWN!

Gonna break these chains around me, gonna learn to fly again, may be hard,
may be hard, but I’ll do it, when I’m back on my feet again.
When I’m back on my feet again, I’ll walk proud down this street again,
and they’ll all look at me again, and they’ll see that I’m strong.
Michael Bolton, When I am back on my feet again.


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