Reject Finance Bill, Kenya’s Generation Z Speaks Out: A Lesson in Brand Management

By Teddy Kivuvani Muthusi, Head of Creative - The Capital Group Limited


Reject Finance Bill: Kenya’s Generation Z Speaks Out, A Lesson in Brand Management

A brand is how a consumer feels about a product or service – so how does this relate to a country. Yesterday we saw generation Z, youthful consumers taking to the streets with their “Reject Finance Bill” banners to air their concerns about their brand – Kenya. Which they believe is failing them with a new Finance Bill that many find extremely punitive.

What made these protests different though is how they did it – first it started with conversations online, “Reject Finance Bill” videos that went viral, then a call to action and finally action with a nothing to lose attitude. A move that stunned politicians and had loads of citizens giving ovations.

So what do you do if you are the brand custodians of a country? You take note and keenly listen to the voice of a new and changed generation. A generation that has clearly demonstrated how what was before seen as meaningless online memes can be transformed to massive real-time movements.

Generation Z have grown up in an era of digital transformation and globalization, resulting in a new set of expectations and behaviours. They are increas­ing­ly wor­thy of atten­tion – pragmatic, financially minded, shrewed, politically progressive, believe in causes and stand up for their beliefs with all they’ve got. Simply put, they dont take issues like the generations before them.

Now lets go back to the analogy of country as a brand and what happens when consumer insights are ignored. Well, we have seen it before with brands that never listened or failed to innovate with emerging consumers needs – look at what happened to them. Kodak, Xerox, Blockbuster, IBM, Blackberry….

There is always something to learn by watching when brands forget that they aren’t untouchable.

Undermining an age range is perhaps the most careless practice in marketing. I’d say that it’s time for Kenya’s brand managers to go back and work on a new a pitch deck, because in reality there is new breed of consumer whose needs and wants have clearly shifted. The question is – is Kenya ready to listen and act?

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