Life after Coronavirus pandemic: What can we do differently?

By Robbin Odhiambo


The year 2020 was a pretty dramatic year full of mysterious events. If you go asking one question after another you will have a number of reasons why last year’s memories are still fresh on people’s minds. Rest assured none of them will go without mentioning the term “Coronavirus” as it took to the news headlines for almost ¾ of last year.

A lot of countries have done their best so far to combat this deadly virus, but it will not be accurate to say that we have not felt the Covid19 heat. There have been many negative effects compared to the positive ones during this hard time, for example, families losing their loved ones, limited resources due to the paused economy of the world among others. But we saw our governing authorities teach that humans are the most important components of this universe as they fought hard for their survival.

But even as we work hard to bring this whole situation under control we still face the post-pandemic negative effects imposed on us. A lot of people lost their jobs as many companies fired some of their workers in order to survive in a struggling economy. We saw many businesses close due to the economic crisis. These jobless workers were left stranded running at every opportunity they could get in order to make a living. Many are experiencing the same even today.

Some of the employees had their normal salaries deducted heavily due to the decreased rate in demand and supply. Now we are in the year 2021, and we feel the burden left behind by the coronavirus pandemic. Our big question is what our government has done or planning to do to help these jobless Kenyans?

Possible solutions

The government should provide more job opportunities in order to manage this growing rate of unemployment.

When the economy of the affected companies is more stable they can reinstate the workers that were fired during the pandemic period.

The government should help fund the schools which were heavily affected by the pandemic in any way so learners can continue getting a good education.

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