Madimo Mokgosi’s Inspiring Journey Through Adversity

By Elkanah Nyauma


Meet – Madimo Mokgosi, remarkable Liver Transplant Survivor, at age 19 she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis which led to her having a Liver Transplant.

She has also been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Gout, Miliary TB and a rare disease called Lymphedema causing her left leg to swell.

In 2020, Madimo tested positive for Covid-19 and was hospitalized for months, but through all life’s trails and tribulations she is still standing tall and living a positive lifestyle.

“When things are hard, SMILE. Smile so much that your troubles start asking questions like why is she still happy when we are trying to bring her down? Honestly my life makes me smile, I look back on everything I have overcome and that alone makes me look forward to another day. I believe so much in smiling because you will never know whose day you are making by just smiling,” said Madimo Mokgosi.

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