Professional Life Skills in Kibera

Kibera Online Youth Network is both a youth meetup and workshop. The forum is not a technology place nor seminar. It is an education platform for the young people from around Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. Our vision is, hopefully, a place where youth will find mentoring in life skills and computer/IT training, walking with people who will be there with and for them, to help them understand the deepest of things pertaining life; connecting them with schools, professionals/mentors, companies and organizations, helping them to rise up from their comfort zones.

The idea is that youth will acquire skills they need for life. The forum also seeks to make clear the future of the young people in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. Every meetup is always an opportunity to acquire life skills, discuss and analyze important youthful issues — from the very basic to practical.

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It has been a great pleasure hosting Babu Omido in our weekly mentorship forum/workshop since 2017. Babu has always shown his commitment to walk the youth in the journey, equipping them with life skills that have helped them  increase understanding of the world around them and providing them with the tools they need for a more productive and fulfilling life, finding ways to cope with the challenges that life, inevitably, throws at them. From business etiquette to conducting interviews, conflict resolution to communication skills, the workshops have really been effective – and we are just getting started.

Quiz of the week – What is the purpose of education in developing an effective learner ready for the world?

  • How can we help students discover their passions?
  • What is the essential learning that schools should impart to students?
  • How can we adapt our curriculum to the technologies that young people are already using?
  • What does an educated person look like today?
  • How should an educated person look like in life?
  • What are the things that should be found in an educated person and how can these be transferred to the students?
  • What are the practices (good and bad) of teachers in a learning system today?
  • What should be the essential practices of teachers in a learning system?
  • How can we ensure those without privilege have equal access to quality education and opportunity in our society?
  • How can we evaluate and support effective learning processes in our society today.