Opinion: How Muslim women can rise up from discrimination and take charge

By Elkanah Nyauma


Women are consistently growing in leadership at various levels and places. This is manifesting itself in health, religion, business among other industries and this is a good sign that the world is transforming in a good way.

But this is not the case in the Muslim religion where women are undermined and not given a chance to express themselves or even teach or give their opinions.


Muslim communities in Kenya are by and large biased towards women

Muslim women are fit to lead and therefore deserve a chance to do that. They are not there to “be seen and not be heard.”

The Muslim women’s presence in radio programmes is increasing and this is a good sign that they are slowly been recognized. This is a good indication of religious authority.

The Muslim religious authority has been occupied by the male members of society. These are the mufti, scholar, caliph, kadhi, mosque preacher, and Sufi Sheikh.

The Muslim male religious scholars believe women are not worthy of public positions because they can easily distract men as they do so.

Whatever hindrances to equality Muslim legal systems pose for women, Muslim women across all regions have made rapid progress in recent decades in many aspects of life, notably education and health. (Source: Library of Congress)

Picture: Uzalendo News


Professional women and business owners should have a general meeting with religious women who have a desire for leadership to give them leadership knowledge to up their games.

Women should be respected and appreciated the way they are. They should be given opportunities to teach others and even men and give their views and opinions on sensitive matters.

Female leaders should help their fellows to improve their skills and motivate them to advance careers in their areas of choosing.

Muslim women and other undermined females should learn from the constantly advancing ones across the world and change the norm in this changing modern world. They can learn from women leaders such as Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, among others.

Muslim men should understand that women are not just home helpers, family friends, or sex objects. They should stop lying that women are not given opportunities because they would distract the attention of other males around them because this is a stupid excuse.

The Muslim women should form their own radio to teach, share their thoughts, ideas and educate men that they also can lead and be part of the greater leadership of the Muslim community.

The radio channel/s should help address serious issues and lead the society through supporting ideas, views, and projects meant to bring sustainable development.


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