Nation Digital Summit: What’s the future for Kenya?

By Elkanah Nyauma


The Nation Digital Summit organised by the Nation Media Group (NMG) kicked off in Mombasa last Friday. The forum brings together experts from Kenya and across Africa. During the summit, the Kenyan government promised to increase internet connectivity across the country so as to make it easy for businesses to use technology.

The government also, through the ICT cabinet minister, Mr. Joe Mucheru acknowledged that technology can be of great use in the transformation of lives. This he said explaining how the Coronavirus pandemic forced people to rely on technology and how this innovation proved worthwhile.

Facts from the summit

Kenya has a lot of tech-savvy youth.

More people and companies are using their social media platforms and websites among their other existing channels related to the use of technology

The government has plans to ensure connections and security for the protection of online users.

Kenya is now at 98 percent 2G signal coverage and at 88 percent on 3G.

The government has joined hands with Kenya Power and Lighting Company and Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (Ketraco) in working to increase fiber optic coverage in Kenya.

The government is also helping young people by supporting their creative ideas through training and incubation. This is meant for them to know how to protect their intellectual rights, a current major threat to these young creatives. The country has intellectual rights protection laws, but there is a need to create awareness to the public on how to secure patent ideas.

The government has also partnered with several companies to train at least 200 youth every six months on how to build their ideas.

Through technology, county governments are supporting the enhancement of economic development, a thing that has boosted the collection of revenue in devolved units.

The forum presents an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights from some of Africa’s most on-demand technocrats and leaders in the digital space.


The government should also work together with Kenya Power to curb the issue of power rationing which is a great disruption in many parts of the country these days.

The government should work to strengthen the internet and its access in Kenya.

The government should ensure cybersecurity and internet safety training to give people the skills they need to better protect their digital life.

The government should ensure gender equality in technology training in Kenya.

Cybercafe owners should ensure underage children do not access the internet and if they do, the sites they access should be monitored. This is to ensure they do not access pornographic or crime related content that can provoke them to wrong decisions.


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