Omosh’s cry for help: How Kenyan county governments can solve such issues

By Bernedict Musyimi


Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia also known as Omosh has been trending in Kenya for asking for help.

Omosh, a father of five has been facing eviction threats over Ksh. 100,000 rent arrears, and narrated his great suffering and this moved many Kenyans to help him get his life back to normal, at least how they could manage. Many were moved to tears including Omosh himself who cried when Zero Hero Properties gave him a piece of land worth Kes. 500,000 and some start-up house construction materials.

The facts

Omosh said he has been surviving through friends and neighbours since he left Tahidi High. He also said he has nothing to do, bursting into tears.

He lamented how he sometimes walks while crying. He said most of the time he leaves the house well dressed but not knowing where to go, wondering how he will provide for his family.

Omosh is married to two wives and has five children. In a past interview with Radio Jambo, Omosh said things got worse after Covid-19 hit as he used to get gigs from schools.

He wanted to commit suicide last year but friends came and talked to him.

Omosh struggles with alcohol addiction which he calls ‘demonic’ thing. He claims a close friend introduced him to it.

His desire is to get a job or start a business so he can take care of his family and that is why he called for help. He added he is ready for any job.

Omosh is a good driver and has a driving license.

Some of the people’s responses on Facebook

Jalas, God bless you to be a blessing to others.

Great be blessed Mr Jalas also waiting for the paybill kidogo kidogo hujaza……

This guy has been the best actor.

I know we can raise fifties and twenties, whatever one can afford na tujipate amenunuliwa kaplot na ajengewe… Lets appreciate his entertainment towards us and our kids.

Omosh warmed many hearts during the Tahidi high show. Bring it on Jalas we shall assist. However, for long term wasanii need to form a Sacco which they can contribute, save and invest during good times and become a fallback during bad times. By the way that is how many Kenyans help themselves to remain afloat during lean times.

Great heart bro. God bless you. Some financial literacy should come first before you hand over the money.

When you feel the pain of a brother.

What a heart. Standing with a brother in the industry. God bless Jalang’o

It’s great to see this noble course from a wonderful person like you Jalas. May heaven open up for you and all those who will assist him.

SOOO SAD…. How I wish I could be of any help however small

God bless you Jalash for this noble gesture. Omosh deserves better than where he is now.
Jalas bravo. What an amazing person, May the grace of Lord Jesus be with you and let that kind spirit dwell on your forever.

Gestures beyond tribe, God bless Kenyans who show love to each other without considering somebody’s surname, God bless you abundantly Jallas


Many Kenyans have the heart to help the people they love and this should continue. Well done Kenyans.

The government should consider counselling centres in communities. These will help drug addicts and stressed people like Omosh to find help when they need it. This way, we wouldn’t lose our good people to drugs and suicide.

The counselors should also be able to teach or invite people to teach the people about such things as financial literacy, health, family relationships and responsibility.

Suggestion boxes should also be strategically placed in the community centres so that people can write the things they are going through, even cases of abuse among others. The counsellors and social workers in these centres will be required to report the cases and make sure the people in need are identified and helped.

The government will be required to pay the counsellors as required. If it can pay governors, senators, and women representatives and give car grants to members of county assemblies, it can pay the community counselors and social workers.

The government should identify and support local talent. Also, local channels like Citizen TV that even still airs the Tahidi High show that Omosh used to feature in should support and help advance the talent of these local actors among other talents.

Women are consistently growing in leadership at various levels and…