Perfectionism, the root of all procrastination

By Elkanah Nyauma


Many people want to be perfect, to feel that they are doing okay before they can do anything. They want to please people, to make sure that people see they are perfect and doing fine but look! That’s not just underestimating oneself; it is living below one’s standards.

Life is moving very fast. It’s moving in a way that we don’t want to lose any second that comes our way or waste any minute that we have. Life is moving very fast and things are happening quickly. We can’t waste any more time waiting to be perfect. We can’t waste any more time waiting to feel like ”yeah, we are perfect and this is the right time” because there’s a problem with being perfect and that is what I’m talking about.

Perfectionism is the root of all procrastination in the world today. Perfectionism makes us go slow and drag things out and cause them not to happen as required and at the right time. It makes us say that things are not the way they need to be and makes us keep waiting for what we think is “the right time”. Let me ask you a question.

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Who cares whether it is perfect or not? Who cares whether it looks good or not? Who cares? I mean who cares? Who cares whether it is good or bad? You like it, you want it and you need it so whether it is perfect or not, it serves your purpose. It serves you. It helps you. It looks the way you want it to be.

Why do I need to care about how people look and see it?  Why care about whether it is perfect or not? It does need to be perfect. You only need to accept it and say, “okay, I like it and this is what I have for now and I love it and that’s it. You don’t need to care about what people say. You don’t need to care about what people think. You don’t need to care about what people are saying. It is not about what they are saying, it is about what you are saying and what you see and believe and love. It all depends on you so stop waiting to be perfect, stop waiting to be accepted by people.

Another sign of perfectionism is when people blame themselves for wrong decisions in the past. They feel that they can’t fit and are not worthy of doing anything good. That’s a lie. Nobody is perfect. Nobody has attained everything. Nobody can say that I’m better than so-and-so because all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (in the past before we knew Him) and even many times in our walk with Him. This is true that we need to accept.


All of us have a weakness and it is in our weakness we become strong. There is a measure of imperfection in each one of us that relates to our “human nature”.

We need to stop thinking about what we did in the past, stop regretting, and start living for real.

All of us need to know that we matter the most, we are beautiful, good, better, awesome, strong, clever, brave, responsible, and beautiful among all other good things!!!

We need to stop wasting time and start acting. We need to get to work.

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