Racial discrimination, a pain in the flesh in our modern world

By Robbin Odhiambo


Racial discrimination has been a menace in the past millennium. A number of races have suffered at the hands of these evil doers as the most recent one that is still haunting our modern-day world is the racial discrimination of the black people. It has proven itself very clearly that still some of us are still living the 16th-century mentality in the 21st century.

Picture/ Manchester Evening News

In the recent past, we have seen racial discrimination in the English Premier League where some of the black players have suffered racial abuses due to some of the errors that they have committed on the football pitch leading to their various teams suffering huge losses. Some of the fans have gone to social media to demonstrate their huge disappointment by attacking the individual players through social media platforms and posting very disturbing photos and comments that evidently reveal racial discrimination. This is an indication that this thing of the past is forcing its way back into our lives.


Such an evil mentality has divided our people widely across the globe. The big question is what measures have we taken to curb this menace? We have seen people go to the street to demonstrate their rights and privileges of which it’s one of the best solutions because the voice of those discriminated against is supposed to be heard and we should feel the same pain they feel too.

As we know this doom of racial discrimination has been part our tradition and culture for the past 1000 years, it’s a situation we can’t get rid of overnight, its slow process so the answer to this is us human, we are one black or white we are one we should create public awareness educate the people both the adults and the young about racial discrimination and its effect lets erase the bad mentality installed into our brains by our forefathers and install them with the new good mentality of equality and togetherness as humans and let’s be kind to one another because in unity there is strength but divided that’s an automatic failure.

Let our generation and the coming generations learn that “We are Equal and We are One” otherwise continuing with the same mentality doesn’t show any progress on we as humans, because one thing I know for sure is In my life there is “NO ROOM FOR RACISM

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