Saving the 21st Century children

By Robbin Odhiambo


Children’s morals are essential tools to a child’s growth and well-being. They shape the children’s lives and helps them to take responsibility.

In the modern-day world, we have seen children transform and take a totally different path from what is expected of them. Our children’s behaviours have gone from bad to worse especially in the 21st century. It’s as if we are living a total shadow of what life was like back in the ’50s and ’60s. But what has led to this and what are parents doing to prevent this confusion to ensure our children don’t perish or get destroyed.


A parent’s dream is to see his/her child grow up into a responsible adult who knows when to make the right and tough calls and own up to their mistakes when needed to do that. They want to see their children grow up into people who know who they are and live normally and responsibly without being followed every time everywhere.

Not so good 

The Kenyan government has laid down laws that fully protect our children which means the child is not only a parent’s responsibility but the society and government’s responsibility. The problem with this is that the child cannot be corrected by the teacher in the school or by any parent in society without the person going unpunished. Such laws are causing our children to grow out of morals.

Another problem is the programs being aired on our local television channels and the content being published in articles and magazines which depicts strong sexual content that our children watch and learn from, every day. The songs by groups like Gengetone and others from musicians like Diamond of Tanzania, playing in every almost every non-Christian TV and radio station across the country are the root of bad morals in our children in society.

Possible solutions

Banning of all sexually explicit content including TV and radio programs and the published magazines and articles.

The government should monitor and manage all social media platforms and deal with those responsible for posting dirty content.

Public awareness and conducting guidance and counseling sessions in schools and society frequently.

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