Yogash Vagani: The psychology of selling office furniture

By Yogesh Vagani


Selling Office Furniture….Often asked, “Is selling office furniture easy?” No it’s not at all easy.

The most important aspect is to understand the clients requirements.

Is the client in question price based, or design based or open to suggestions based? And often in 24 years of experience in selling furniture the above parameters get interlinked but its an effort to separate and break each in simple language and show to the potential client what they like to see not what I prefer them to see or hear.

Honesty is the best policy in any transaction, but often your honesty also becomes negative reaction, many would say “sweet talking sales representative ” who has all the honey in the world but little or no knowledge of the product. It works. As many a client does not understand the technical jargon yet its crucial in decision making process to ensure the client gets the best fit. So getting the perfect mix of “Honey & Jargon ” is essential.

The Final is the “close or seal the deal ” the transaction and the delivery along with installation of the goods. As every vendor tries to please his client by ensuring prompt delivery and installation yet at times many a factors come into play of logistics ( traffic, parking upper floor offices with single goods lifts or none in some older buildings & …. ). Some of these delays at times become a domino effect as one delay leads to many others.

I have learnt over the years, take each client as a complete new learning experience. Many can write thousands of pages but I simply can manage a few words.

Do share with me your experiences and may we all learn to be Good buyers & Good sellers.

Yogesh Vagani is the director at Copyrite Furnitures, Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya.

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