Inspiration: Six things that will change your life forever

By Elkanah Nyauma


The steps of a patient person are ordered by time

What you are doing today may not be what you will do tomorrow but what you do today determines what you will do tomorrow. The steps of a patient person are ordered by time.

Your responsibility is to keep growing, to keep learning, and to keep doing what you love and want to do for your life – that which you know and believe you are built for and exist to do; that which makes you irreplaceable/unique/incomparable/beyond price. The finishing line is right ahead.

Then you will hear the words:

At the right time, you have come out,
At the right time, you have built your capacity,
At the right time, you can now see the results,
At the right time, you have overcome adversity,
At the right time – yes at the right time.

So, keep moving forward

Things you must do

1) Determine what you need and the available opportunities for what you need.

2) Prioritise and manage time properly. Remember, you only need time and breadth to achieve everything that satisfies your heart and blesses the world.

3) Work only with people, companies, and organizations that will help you grow in your career.

4) Do not spend more time on side hustles and forget the only thing you are built for

5) Have project timelines and reward yourself for achieving a goal.

6) Do not set your eyes on things that are not important to you.


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