Meet Elkanah Ondieki, youth empowerment expert

My personal story and connection with the problem I am solving

My name is Elkanah Nyauma Ondieki. I am the founder and web designer at DoubleServ Web Consultancy, a web consultancy business that gives back to the community through youth empowerment. I lived in Kericho all my childhood years until when I was 20 years (a few years after my high school). I saw how the young people lived their lives carelessly and without hope.

My parents worked in the tea farms as tea pluckers and so they sustained the family by the little money they earned. I saw the need for education and training for the young people and children who lost their lives in drugs, fornication and sexual immorality. That is what I want to change and the time is now.

Woman plucking tea in Kericho – Picture: Courtesy

I have been in drugs and sexual immorality in the past. I have practiced prostitution in the Kenyan capital, buying women for sex but I am now free from these having given my life to Jesus in 2010 as a student at Kitale Technical Training Institute, now Kitale Polytechnic. I have also lived in Kibera slum, the largest urban slum in Africa since 2013. I have seen how the youth destroy their lives in drugs and pornography, gangs and all sorts of social evils.

I have a background in counseling and entrepreneurship and I am willing to help the young people in Kibera by giving them computer skills (from basic to web marketing) so they can come out of their comfort zones and get the skills that will help them create jobs for themselves and for others alike.

My desire is to come in as a youth trainer through education for the youth in the areas of life skills and computer. I also help businesses and companies that have no websites to get their web presence and I also market their websites online and so by training the youth to create websites, they will have employment by designing websites and marketing them for clients.