Ifeanyi Obi: The rejected stone that became the chief cornerstone

By Ifeanyi Obi


I graduated with honours (2:2) for my undergraduate studies, which wasn’t an excellent feat. This was due to personal issues and strangely struggles against words spoken to me by a Prophet that I won’t do well academically if ever I chose that path.

I applied to 3 Universities in the UK for my Masters studies and got rejected. With that I applied to other Universities in USA, Canada and got rejected as well. With over 16 rejections, I proceeded with great determination to Cyprus to study. I told myself I only could turn my story around (and overcome my struggles and rejections).

With increased focus and developed study patterns, I graduated with High Honours (3.8) for my masters studies and was offered a place for PhD and with same determines and few mistakes as well, I graduated as the best student that year and was the Valedictorian.

I wasn’t done with proving to myself I can and I’m up to it. I was offered a place as a lecturer and today just under 4 years I became an Associate Professor.

Last year my software in BuildTech got approved by the UK endorsement body and this year obtained an Innovator Migrant Visa to establish a software lab in London, collaborating with great minds like Prof Rita Orji Rita Orji, PhD.

I have now travelled to almost all the Universities I got rejections from for research collaborations or research study visits.

If you read to this end fam, never give up! Your struggles will make a way for you.

Ifeanyi Obi is a professor of construction technology, building & construction manager, architect, innovator and developer of the BuildTech Software.

Smart minds execute ideas, they have purpose while little have…