A hero is fallen, George Magoha is dead. What a tragedy! What a loss!

By Elkanah Nyauma


Imagine waking up in the morning expecting to hear some good news only to hear that former education cabinet secretary, George Magoha is dead. What a shock! How do you even imagine that to be true? But yes, it is true. George Magoha is dead. A hero is fallen.

This comes when the family of George Magoha is in mourning following the demise of brother Alex Nyabera Magoha, who died in Texas, US. This is a huge blow to the family in a short span of time as Magoha’s other brother Charles Agunga died in August 2021. It is indeed a time of sorrow and we join the family to mourn a great man.

Born on 2 July 1952, George Albert Omore Magoha, was a Kenyan consultant surgeon, academic administrator and technocrat, who also served as a professor of surgery at Maseno University School of Medicine, in Kisumu County, western Kenya.

Fallen Former Education CS, George Magoha

Well, you and me, together, can accept the fact that Magoha was a man of his word – a real “Mchapa Kazi” this time not Mandonga, but Magoha Mtu Kazi. We agree that we have lost a great man who lived to be an example of how a cabinet minister is supposed to do his/her job.

Many people are sending their condolences and one of them, comedian Njugush described Magoha as an academic giant:

Raila Odinga took to Twitter saying how deeply saddened he was to learn of the passing of Prof. George Magoha.

Another man, Mr. Henry Kabogo said, “RIP Sir”. He continued to say Prof Magoha was exceptional and a great man – a man unapologetic to mediocrity. “ We mourn this hero, he added.

Image: kenyans.co.ke

What a tragedy to lose George Magoha!

Millions of Kenyans speak of him as a man of valour, a man of truth and passion to do the right thing. He is known to be a no nonsense man, a man of the people.

Magoha rests as a man of reality, a man who knew what he wanted and went for it. Indeed we mourn a hero, and words cannot express what we have lost, today.

Image / Standard Media

As the family plans to lay down Mchapa Kazi and this academic comrade, I salute and dare to say that this is indeed a time of mourning but not as ignorant people do – NO. We mourn with a hope that there will rise other Magoha’s who will take the mantle and embrace truth and work not because of what they can get at the end of the month, BUT WHAT THEY CAN GIVE TO THE WORLD.

Magoha, we have lost you, but to God be the glory.

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