Opinion: Kenyan politicians, a stumbling block to achieving sustainable development

By Celebrate Potential, Kenya


The Kenyan political leaders are one of the most divisive machinery in modern Kenyan history. They are blind people and have failed. What a tragedy this is!

These days, members of the political parties don’t just throw words at each other while disagreeing with each other’s political ideas and beliefs. Many view members of the other party as wicked and disgusting. This is where we are.

If you’re living in Kenya and thinking our country seems more confused than ever, then know you are not alone. From what we see and hear every day from the politicians and their lack of self-control in word and deed, we can easily predict that something “not good” is coming.

But what is the cause of this political hostility? Is there a way to change the way things are? Is there a way to convince these greedy, hateful, confused, and evil-minded politicians to stop what they are doing to themselves and to others? These are some of the questions that we’ll have to answer before we even think about the development of the country. No wonder the youth have become goons in society. The politicians are the cause of all these and the ones to blame and the sooner we see that, the better.

Facts about politicians

If you have lived in Kenya for some time, you will agree with me that the politicians are the most chaotic and disloyal people in the world. The following characteristics befits many of them.

Inciters of people – They spend their time in chaos and trying to mobilize people to do things that are not right in favour of the person or cause that they support.

They are selfish. They do everything thinking about how they can benefit in the long run.

They don’t care about their reputation as leaders in the community they live in.

They are irresponsible. They don’t fulfill their responsibility as leaders.

They always complain about what the other person is doing that is not right to defend what they are doing that they think is okay.

They don’t care what language they use even if it is abusive.

They are ready for anything even to kill and destroy.

They are full of hatred, bitterness, and of course jealousy about what their counterparts are accomplishing that they are not.

All they know is what they can get and how they can get it even with illegal means.

They don’t care about the extent they can go to get something that they believe in even if it’s evil.

They sometimes support the enemy of the government and that is why they are rebels.

Their intentions are not clear because they are double-minded.

Sometimes they do not support the parties that nominated them because they are willing to betray.

They are ready to die even what they are willing to die for is not right.

The opinion

The politicians should know they are leaders and not beneficiaries of government funds and resources.

They should see themselves as brothers and sisters even if they do not agree on ideologies.

Politicians should also complement and not compete with each other. They should know they are all working towards a common good.

They should support and seek advice from each other because they are leading the same people.

Politicians should be moved by what they were elected to do and not their “greedy stomachs”.

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