The sad story of the disappointment of Kenyan musicians

By Robbin Odhiambo


The music industry in Kenya has always played a bigger role in the entertainment sector. In the past decade, we have seen a number of artists release a number of songs that broke records that were never surpassed by Kenyan artists. But despite that, we need to ask ourselves what’s next for the Kenyan music industry.

A number of scandals have always emerged between musicians and the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (M.C.S.K). Musicians have been heard complaining that their hard-earned money is being enjoyed by some very annoying amount of royalties cash, a situation that has led to a heavy fallout between the artists and the governing body.

This has even gone to an extent of artists demonstrating their disappointment by posting very emotional messages on social media. This is heartbreaking and a quick solution is needed to stop this shameless act.

Possible Solution

  • As fellow citizens, we should support these upcoming artists and those in the hall of fame. The collective management organisations responsible for rewarding the musicians should not be the ones stealing from them, giving them peanut royalties. That’s shameful.
  • Music does not make sense to some people, for example, some parents believe music is for lazy people and a useless career. We should create public awareness and eradicate such notions because music is a crucial tool that can change the world and a worthy career to pursue for those who are passionate about it.
  • The government should introduce more music schools where people with a passion for music can learn.
  • Music producers should promote our music both nationally and internationally in order to revive our industries instead of just promoting international music to get a name.
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