The secret to healthy business relationships

By Elkanah Nyauma


Building good, strong, and lasting healthy business relationships is never easy. It takes dedication and patience, integrity and professionalism, and of course quality amount of time and energy. This is because healthy business connections are such constitutive and necessary part of the business success journey, but people usually ignore this fact and never seem to want to put in the effort.

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The opinion

Typical professional business connections should not begin with the mindset of making money through doing so is part of the process. Healthy business relationships should:

1. Add value to the client (fixing of problems), plug a hole, introduce a new process or system to organizations.
2. Help business professionals to make a lot of money by delivering the best results.
3. Give an opportunity for business people to make a difference hence shifting their organizations to another level.

NB: The desire to be helpful must run deep in the psychological make-up of business people. They must be driven by this desire and have a belief in how organizations are run and be ready to show the clients the way. This is the reason for their existence.

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