The strong woman who gave birth prematurely to a deaf child

By Elkanah Nyauma


Celestine gave birth to her child Glorious Akoth Ojwang on 31st May 2002. Glorious is the fourth born in the family of seven. She was born prematurely with a twin sister who later passed on.

After giving birth at home, Celestine took Glorious to Kenyatta hospital where she was told that her child was to be incubated and this lasted for one month. Glorious was later taken to Kaaga School for the Deaf by a well wisher in 2011.

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Celestine, a strong woman seeks individuals, groups and organizations that can help her with Glorious. She needs help to take care of her and Glorious also needs to learn sign language. She also has other children; Edith, Lavendah, Sylvia, Griffine, Sheilla and Shallet that depend on her.

The trauma and shock from her children’s situation has really caused her great pain. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

Over 5% of the world’s population – or 430 million people – require rehabilitation to address their ‘disabling’ hearing loss (432 million adults and 34 million children). It is estimated that by 2050 over 700 million people – or one in every ten people – will have disabling hearing loss. – World Health Organization

To contact her, kindly contact us or call Christine Adhiambo, her friend.

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