Tracy Knight, the fashion designer


My  dream is to become a fashion designer.  I want my designs to represent the diverse cultures around the African continent. I want to make attires for people. I would also like to travel too to other countries, fashion centers like Johannesburg, Cairo, Marrakech, Abuja, Kinshasa, Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, New Delhi, London and Bogota. I want to see what other designers are making and learn from them.

I want to work hard in school so I can reach my objective. I also want to be more fashionable in my life, get the resources I need (college fees, mentors and advisers) in order to accomplish my dream.

My desire is to remove the fashion divide between Africa and the western cultures, come up with new new ideas, creating new brands of designs. I also want to end the monotony of what has always been because I think we need something new.

My name is Vallary. I live in Nairobi's Kibera slum.…