We’re all in this together: We can achieve this dream

By Elkanah Nyauma


These days, in the United States, you will hear the common phrase of solidarity, “We’re all in this together.” Many leaders and public speakers will either start or finish their speeches with this expression and you will think America, the “most powerful country in the world” as they call it, is united. But that tends to be the exact opposite.

I believe ‘being in this together” is a commitment that should flow from the hearts of the Americans. It is an oath that demands living in a new way different from the past. But with the confusion and careless living that we see every day, this is far away from the truth in the US right now. From police brutality to discrimination against colour and hatred spread across the black community, so far not so good. Black people in the United States need to be treated as people that matter and deserve dignity. They need to be treated with honour.

What people think about violence against Black Americans

Protesting for justice and against bigotry is a good and proud thing to do. (Rev. Bernice King).

The police officers involved in the killing of the black Americans should be convicted and face their fate as the black demonstrators are demanding.

Struggle for freedom is a never-ending process because freedom is never really won. It’s earned and won in every generation. (Coretta Scott King).

Freedom is always on its way when people are determined and vigilant to advocate for it.

Though justice may be still beyond the horizon, we must still pursue it. The reality is that systemic racism and hatred in America cannot and will not be banished in a day, a week, or a month. Nor can generations of institutional injustice be resolved by a single leader or policy change. The structural change we seek follows 400 years of oppression, and it will take many more years to overcome. (Source: Rockefeller Foundation)

The Opinion 

We need to keep going forward and stand tall, together. We also have to stay focused to stay relevant and loyal to our quest for justice and freedom.

We have to commit ourselves again to fighting discrimination against race, hatred, and bigotry in our society and everywhere it may be found.

Treating everyone with the respect they deserve is a responsibility for all of us whether black or white, young or old, male or female.

Finally, we must use our one voice, the opportunity we have, and our resources to be excellent leaders, not divided by our egos or careless thoughts and beliefs. We have to be moral people in our different capacities, even in our professional lives.

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