What leads to stagnation in people’s lives

By Paul Ngugi


What leads to stagnation? What brings your career to a screeching halt?

What propels others to a higher pedestal in their personal and professional growth? What is that one thing or journey less travelled that they take?

It is not a question of luck. You have to be intentional in building your network to beat stagnation and procrastination.

You have to define your career pathway. You have to step back from routine and ask yourself hard questions. You have to be surrounded by a core accountability partners.

You must upgrade your skills, knowledge and expertise. What’s changing in your profession, your industry and sector. What are the new trends and dynamics ?

Avoid procrastination and take the road less travelled. #PaulInsights #careerdevelopment

To beat stagnation, build your networks, be intentional and push your way through even when the environment says otherwise. Have a personal drive to see things change, the urge to be different, detest for mediocrity, pursuit for excellence and the clear understanding of your personal goals.

~ Esther Katiba, Head of HR & Administration (People & Culture Leader)

Paul Ngugi is the director, people and culture at Greenpeace Africa

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