Why you MUST NOT repeat form 4 even if you failed

By Elkanah Nyauma


Revised on January 8, 2024 by Elkanah Nyauma

The 2024 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam results are out, and the question whether to repeat form 4 or not for those who did not perform well is ringing in the minds. Others, who did well, might pursue what they have always wanted, while some might change courses to follow their dreams later.

Many students who sat for their KCSE last year are now grappling with questions concerning their individual performance. Some of these include, why did I fail to score good grades as I had anticipated? How is life going to be now that I cannot go to university? I do not want to repeat form 4! What should I do? These are some of the questions going through the minds of the students.

The response to such questions is straightforward. You don’t wake up one day and accomplish your dreams. Education is a journey that takes time before you can accomplish something great.

Kenyan form 4
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Whether you scored grade D- in your KCSE exams or failed to meet the cluster points, you must not repeat form four to succeed in life. You can still become what you always wanted to be. We have seen individuals struggling in form four yet still accomplishing their dreams with determination. You might be asking yourself how this can be possible. This is what you can do.

You can start with a certificate, then do a diploma, and finally pursue a degree. This will depend on how patient and hardworking you are. Have the discipline and focus. Everything good is achievable.

Get the help you need. Talk to a career coach or advisor. Seek support from good friends, teachers, or even counselors. Do not listen to naysayers. Follow your heart.

Remember also that year in and year out, top-performing candidates often prefer medicine, law, and engineering courses. But the truth is, not all of them pursue these paths to the end. Many end up changing courses while others drop out of campus. This is a mistake you can avoid!

These inconveniences, unnecessary expenses, and time wastage can be avoided. Make an informed choice right now. You will never regret it. And importantly, there is no need to repeat form 4. Instead of choosing to repeat form 4, you can explore alternative educational pathways that still lead to success.

Career choice should not be dependent on what students scored, what their parents and teachers want them to pursue, or the money they will earn in their careers if they pursue certain courses. It should be meaningfully thought through to hone practical and professional skills and knowledge to fully equip the student and make them fully baked for their careers that will be pegged on values and tenets of ethics.

~ Lilian Mwangi, former student at Moi University

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