Helping women tackle climate change

By Elkanah Nyauma


Did you know women have every reason to get solutions to climate change because they are the most vulnerable? Well, now you know.

Women suffer most of the consequences. They deserve a healthy environment regardless of where they live or what they look like; and the time is NOW.

Women’s vulnerability to climate change stems from a number of factors — social, economic and cultural. Seventy per cent of the 1.3 billion people living in conditions of poverty are women. In urban areas, 40 per cent of the poorest households are headed by women. Women predominate in the world’s food production (50-80 per cent), but they own less than 10 per cent of the land. – United Nations

Opinion: How women can be helped to adapt climate change
Taking into consideration gender related issues associated with the adaptation of changes in climate like inequalities in resource allocation and access, education services, women and girls’ health and wellbeing, information and technology among others.

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Women should be involved in decision making at both local and national in particular allocation of resources for climate change projects.

Gender-sensitive initiatives for example climate change adaptation, mitigation, development and strengthening of skills and abilities and ensuring access to required resources should be set in place to help women thrive in a fast-changing world.

The government should try and alleviate socio-economic, political and cultural constraints to women. Women should also be involved in the development of new strategies and technologies. This will help them to be more adaptive and sustainable in the society.

The government should also put efforts to reinforce climate change issues and setting plans and interventions concerning this global problem.

Gender equality is not just a human right, but a…