World Refugee Day 2024: Honouring invaluable contributions of refugees worldwide

By Elkanah Nyauma


World Refugee Day 2024, observed today on June 20th, has marked a significant occasion to honor the courage, resilience, and invaluable contributions of refugees worldwide. Established by the United Nations, this day underscores the strength and determination of individuals who have been compelled to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, or violence, while also emphasizing the positive impact they bring to their host communities.

As we reflect on World Refugee Day 2024, it serves as a great reminder to raise awareness about the global refugee crisis, advocate for refugee rights, and recognize and celebrate the talents, skills, and cultural diversity that refugees enrich our world with.

The UN, an organisation that works tirelessly to support refugees, advocating for their rights and helping them rebuild their lives took to LinkedIn and shared the following.

Today and every day, we recognize the contributions refugees make and the benefits they bring to their host communities. Join UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and help build a world where refugees are always included and welcomed.

Here are some of the comments from people who read the note above on this World Refugee Day 2024.

Dr. Semire Yekta, Criminologist l Senior Referent AFC l Author l TEDx Speaker

The number of refugees has doubled in the past decade, reaching over 100 million. Global warming and wars are some of the reasons why people seek refuge somewhere else. Leaving your home make you and your family very vulnerable. We need a sustainable solution to that. We need governments and businesses that prioritie peace over conflict, and the environment over profit.

Weyden Castro,

For the #Humanrights we have to stand up and fight against all form of discrimination around this world about the #Refugee. On this day like it, we have to sensitize and encourage people to stand up and move forward to get better life for theses peoples.

J Adam George

Full support for world nations people and world bank 🏦 and United Nations my full support 🙏🏼

Ealas D.View Ealas D.’s profile (They/Them), Autistic Sociologist | Community-Based Researcher | User Experience Consultant (with a focus on neuroinclusion, disability, and COVID-19’s impact on community and social justice)

I would like my taxes to pay for Palestinian refugees to have a safe place to exist, please. We did it for Ukraine – I saw the “welcome” signs at the airports and the flags all around my city – so I’m not sure why we can’t bring Palestinians here as easily? The Scottish Government Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

The United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)

#RefugeeRights are #HumanRights. The right to life, safety, justice, education, and more should be honored for everybody 💙

Niv Yosifon, Top management member | VP Business Development and Trade | Toshiba/Dynabook | Mafil L.T.D

You have a lot of “special” days…too many. Do your job. Fight against terror in its worse and put a real stand against the Octobr 7 brutal killing and kidnapping and assist Israel to fight this evil.

Razan Nail, Research and Data Management (Public Health)

Isreal are literally the ones who caused most of these forced refugees! The Nakba and now this, you’ve been definitely working extra hard to forcibly displace people from their own homes!!

In summary, the World Refugee Day 2024 has raised awareness and provoked meaningful discussions about the plight of refugees and the collective responsibility to support them. The comments above highlight both the complexity of refugee issues and the passionate advocacy for human rights and inclusive policies globally. Efforts to address refugee crises require collaboration, empathy, and sustained action from governments, organizations, and individuals worldwide.

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