Youth empowerment, the promise of a bright and happy future for all

By Nancy Oketch


Youth empowerment is the process of uplifting the youths and providing them with the information, principles or resources required in order to direct their lives and help them make healthier decisions.

When youths are empowered, they are able to fulfil their dreams because they have access to the opportunities, skills and resources they need to reach their full potential.

Many youths stay jobless because of lack of guidance, however, being empowered creates employment opportunities, enables them have financial freedom and contribute to the country’s economy.

Youth empowerment recognizes youthful capabilities, self-determination and worth. He feels comfortable trying new things, he has confidence to take risks and is aware that failure is a step toward progress not a sign to give up. He doesn’t use the opinions of others as his guideposts in life. He knows he has built a foundation of self-empowerment to rely on during times of struggle or when he feels lost and needs to recalibrate.

Youth is a center of absolute strength. You think big, hope for the best and envision a better tomorrow, therefore making continuous efforts to turn dreams into reality.

Youth empowerment is important because it curbs the rate of poverty, improves standard of education, good governance, decreases the level of crime and national security and enhances employment creation. Youth can be empowered in leadership through the following ways;

1. Help youth develop habits, that in the end, they can sustain without ‘suggestions or prodding. Good habits produce sustainable leaders. Youth that have good habits for their own well-being and constant personal progression that they enjoy will help them become strong leaders on their own.

2. Invite the youth to launch a project or idea and support their progress. Support youth in implementing their project once they feel they have come up with a good strategy and support them along the way. Allowing them to carry out their vision with the encouragement and coaching support will be an empowering experience and let them feel supported in their process.

3. Encourage them to use their passions for good. Guiding youth to use what their passions and creativity to share positive messages or bring attention to issues they care about will allow them to find purpose within their passion and use the power of their joy to share important messages.

4. Give the youth tools to collaborate, problem solve, brainstorm and reflect. Providing youth with the information and resources necessary for analyzing issues that affect their lives and environments will help them become strong strategizes on ways to act as change agents in their communities.

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