Zoey Seboe, 22-year-old aspiring Miss South Africa 2022 with a rare skin condition

By Bonolo Sekudu


Meet – Zoey Seboe, 22-year-old aspiring Miss South Africa 2022, she was born with a rare skin condition called Lamellar Ichthyosis, which many mistake for burnt marks or eczema.

Growing up, her family encouraged her to model, and they would constantly tell her that she was beautiful.

In a society that often has unrealistic standards about what beauty is, she didn’t allow her skin condition and societal expectations and perceptions to define her.

The inspirational Zoey was recently announced as one of the 2022 Miss South Africa Top 30 finalists. Her skin condition has not stopped her from chasing her dreams.

The trailblazing model is currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce in Law degree.

“For me, beauty is understanding that simply existing is enough. And beauty, to me, is also about embracing your heritage and being unapologetically oneself. Simply stepping in as the person you are”, Zoey says.

“With every chance you get, tell yourself that you are beautiful and worth every space you find yourself in. It may take time, but you need to come out and be YOU”, she adds.

My goal is to inspire people to believe in themselves and to promote a fair representation of diversity and inclusion on platforms that help us define our collective and cultural narrative. – Zoey Seboe.

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